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History of Massage

September 21st, 2016 | By Deborah Giorno in Activities, Parco San Marco, To know more about | No Comments »

Massage is the oldest form of physical therapy, used over time by different civilizations to relieve pain and encourage the muscles to relax. The word massage seems to derive from the Arabic word “mass” (rub, press) or from the Greek word “boulder” (kneading, handle). Today it has found its place within the recognised and respected fields of physical therapy, alternative health and beauty treatments and encompasses many different types of massage all with different purposes: relaxing, muscle, sports, pain relief, draining, anti-cellulite.

The massage technique is one that is done through manual bodily contact and with precise and sequential maneuvers, reducing pain and tension in the muscles.This ancient form of therapy is one of the most natural from gestures that we make every day, given that it is instinctive to rub a sore shoulder or stroke the body part that hurts us. In practice, it is a different set of maneuvers performed on the body which relieves muscle or joint pain, to tone the volume of some tissues, but also to preserve and improve the psychological well-being by easing tension and fatigue. The massage movements should be performed in the direction of the muscle fibers and must respect the direction of the body’s circulation, therefore from the extremities towards the heart. It can be decisive and quick for a toning effect or slow and gentle for a calming effect.

In addition to this, there are various massage techniques and specific maneuvers for pregnant women, for infants or for the elderly. The touch characterized by the hand that glides over the skin with a minimum pressure (real touch) or with more accentuated pressure (deep touch).

The effects of the touch are: superficial vasodilation (the widening of blood vessels), anesthesia on the skin’s nerve endings. The deep-touch effects are: elimination of dead skin cells, stimulation of circulation (should always be practiced in the direction of the heart). With friction, unlike touch, the hand does not simply slip over the skin but engages on a deeper lever in circular or elliptical movements. The effects are: detachment of adhesions (scar or postural), dissolution of all the aggregates (cellulitis, hematoma, toxins). Percussion is a sequential series of knocks with a cupped hand, a slash or a clenched fist which induces a stimulating and invigorating effect. Surface kneading ( the act of wringing / squeezing and releasing the skin with the underlying connective tissue) and deep kneading (which involves squeezing / compressing and releasing the muscles) have the main effect of accelerating the replacement of fluids for the massaged tissue and increasing oxygenation, nourishment, cleansing and cell turnover. The vibration, which is a pressure combined with an oscillating motion, produces a calming effect on nerve endings. The “virtues” of massage are innumerable. You can start with relaxation which, already in itself, allows the body to regenerate and it rebalances the nervous and hormonal system which, in turn, provides a long list of positive effects. Among the benefits, are:

  • Reduction of tension present in the form of cramps and muscle spasms.
  • Strengthening of the immune system thanks to the fact that movement and muscle contractions are an effective way to circulate lymphatic fluid (which removes toxins) in the body.
  • Improved circulation, as the movements made during the massage help to push the blood towards the heart. In practice, it promotes the exchange, on a cellular level, of blood containing toxins to be augmented with new blood rich in nutrients.
  • The elimination of dead cells while absorbing elements that nourish the skin, making it silky and helping it breathe.
  • The feeling of well-being

Are there any situations where the treatment is inadvisable?

• Usually, this technique does not carry any contraindications, however, it is worth considering that in some situations (as in the case of injuries and diseases such as fever, inflammation, heart disease, infectious diseases) it would be prudent to avoid it. When it comes to a person with any health problems, in order to avoid unnecessary risks, it is advisable to seek the opinion of the consulting physician before undergoing any massage.

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To properly perform a massage, you can not neglect the preparation phase. During the session there are, in fact, other senses (such as smell, sight and hearing) that are also stimulated which is why the environment has to be spacious, heated (24-25 °) and comfortable; soft lighting and relaxing music in the background completes the atmosphere. For the massage itself a bed is sufficient, but you can also just lie on the ground. Scented candles, finally, enchant and engage one’s sense of smell to promote relaxation. It is advisable to use a special massage oils and creams and not to do not overdo the amount. These products are already ready-made, but can also personally be created by combining a few drops of an essential oil, chosen from those used in aromatherapy, to a base oil such as wheat germ or sunflower.

In the West, massage is done mostly on massage beds, while in the East a the futon or mat on the floor are pften used so as to make better use of the weight and the parts of the body of the massager in the execution of “pressures.” This is widely used in oriental massage techniques. In order to ensure the full benefits of a massage, the duration of the session must not be less than 30 minutes. Very rarely is it more than two hours. Special creams and oils too improve the effectiveness of treatment and the session should be conducted in an environment with proper temperature not to feel cold.

Anyone can receive a massage, with some caution regarding children as a lighter massage for them will be necessary, taking into account the fragility of their bones.

written by Deborah Giorno, SPA Manager

A perfect day on Lago di Lugano

February 22nd, 2016 | By Paola Mazzo in Activities, Parco San Marco, Surroundings | No Comments »

Yet is time to think about your next stay on Lago di Lugano. Your favourite suite has been booked, packing is done and the destination address is set on the Sat Nav. Now, all that´s left is plan your time at Parco San Marco in the best way possible!


Hang on, don´t panic! As some of you already know, at your favourite Resort on Lago di Lugano there´s a team of dedicated professionals ready to welcome you and to commit to make your holiday an unforgettable success. As we say: simply unique!

Here´s a typical day at the Parco.

You now arrived at the Hotel after a long and dreadful journey with the sooo-excited kids, Fido longing to go for a run in our subtropical park, your partner craving a well-deserved glass of wine from our premium cellar or your wife feeling anxious about being late for her anti-stress massage…finally, here´s the Resort with its palm trees looking like an oasis in the desert to you: you are on holiday!

_D4N1513Our team of dedicated receptionist is already smiling at you as you walk in, making you feel welcome. The stress of the journey will soon vanish, especially since we have everything you could possibly need! Have you forgotten your phone charger at home? Can´t find your swimsuit or your little swimmer´s water wings? No worries, we have that as well.

So here you are, ready to soak in the sun on our private beach or to plunge in the warm water of the indoor pool in the SPA San Marco.

Soon it will be time for supper, you are getting quite hungry after a day full of activities and relax, you even challenged your heights fear taking our Adventure Climbing track, while your kids have been making some pizzas on the beach or running up and down the Resort on a treasure hunt organised by our Club Bim Bam Bino. Then you would be glad that you can choose from four different á-la-carte restaurants: our Executive Chef and his team will delight your taste buds and our waiting staff will spoil you with care (we highly recommend the delicious 6-courses menu at the Ristorante & Bistro San Marco, treat yourself, you deserve it!).

Conclude the perfect day by sipping a fruity cocktail on the Bar San Marco´s brand new terrace in sweet company of your loved one while your kids have fun at the baby dance!

After a royal night´s sleep in our comfy beds, wake up to the stunningly beautiful lake scenery and our rich and healthy “Buongiorno” breakfast buffet. Any allergies we should be aware about? Let the staff know, we offer many alternatives to an equally tasty breakfast or meal!

What do you say, is it exactly how you have imagined your perfect day on Lago di Lugano to be? Then we look forward to welcoming you here as happy is who can make happy!

Panorama klein

Written by Paola Mazzo


April 2nd, 2014 | By Deborah Giorno in Parco San Marco | No Comments »

Reflexology is a very ancient technique, it seems that the first therapeutic treatments based on foot massage were already used in 5.000 a.c. both in India and China.

Reflexology was rediscoverded at the beginning of the 19th century, and since then is getting more and more known because of its great effectivness.
How does it work?

In the feet there are reflexes that corrispond to the whole body, so by stimulating these reflexes, by pressing or massaging them, a flow of energy is stimulated in the whole body that helps unblock stuck energy .

Some says that it works because the nervous system connects the whole body, others talk about meridians or energy lines that run from the feet through the body and viceversa. Nothing of this is actually proved, but the truth is that Reflexology works incredibily well.

If you look at the profile of one of your feet, on the side of the big toe, you will notice that it looks like the profile of a body: the heal is the bum, then the curve that goes from the end of the heal until the base of the big toe is shaped like the spinal colomn, and it is in fact its reflex, while the base of the big toe is the reflex of the neck, and the toe itself looks like a head, and it is its reflex. Ruecken & Fuss

The right foot corrispond to the right side of the body and the left one to the left side of the body. You can also see the shape of the body in the feet by keeping the 2 feet close to together with the big toes touching each other, imagine there are only the 2 big toes, without the other toes, don’t they look like a head with the neck and the shoulders? The picture in this blog will help you to notice this easily.



Normally people go to reflexologist to solve different problems, for instance because of back pain, because of insomnia, because of digestive problems, because of stress etc. Already after ther first session a person can feel the difference, each person in its own way, but a general sense of relaxation and of improved energy is immediately felt.

To really feel a difference in your symptoms in your body it is always advisable to do at least 10 sessions, possibly, 3 times during the first week, then 2 times the second week, therefore once a week for 5 weeks. Here  at Parco San Marco we offer reflexology either  as a single session or combined with back shoulder and neck massage, our clients love it and it is one of the treatments that sells more.

Besides these reflexology treatments, we also offer reflexology lesson for couples, during this lesson that lasts 1 hour, clients learn the basic tools of reflexology, by massaging the reflexes of each other weak points so that once they go back home  they can help each other to release some tension. Why don’t you try it out yourself? Enjoy a reflexology treatment or a lesson with us.

How fit are you

October 31st, 2013 | By Deborah Giorno in Parco San Marco | No Comments »

Sometimes we think that to be fit and in good shape is enough to practise regularely any kind of physical activity,Overcoming Fitness Sabotage as long as we do some form of exercises, like for instance jogging, swimming, pilates, nordic walking. It is definitely true that exercising is very important, but in fact not all tipes of training can be good for everyone, because each person has different needs due to their body structure and their habits.

Let Prefit Body Scan tell you about it! But what is Prefit Body Scan?

Prefit body scan is a device that can give you important information about your state of fitness, about the right pulse rate to follow during the physical activity of your choice and it also tells you to which parts of your body you should pay more attention to during your training. Generally it gives an overview about your fitness state, about your weak points, about the acid-alkaline balance state of your connective tisues and muscles and dietary tips about alkaline diet.

Thebs test is simple and lasts only 8 minutes, during this time the person has his feet on a electrodes surface, then other two electrods are placed on each hand and other two electrodes are placed around the forehead. At the end of the test a personalized printout of the results will be given to you.


What can be the cause of acidity and how should a balanced nutrition be?

The causes of body acidity can be many, such as acidic nutrition due to too much intake of animal protein, refined carbohidrates, refined sugar, alcohol and pastorized food in general and not enough fluid intake. Also sigarettes smoking and stress play a very important part in it. A good nutrition should be at least 60% of alkaline food and 40% of acidic food.

Nutritional tips on Alkaline food

All vegetables are alkaline and best if eaten raw. This is valid also for fruit but in less quantity because sugar tends to create acidity in the body. All kind of sprouts are alkaline such as: Alfalfa, barley grass, wheat grass and millet sprouts. Wholemeal cereals like amaranth, buckwheat, kamut, quinoa and spelt are also alkaline, but as they are carbohidrates they contain sugar and they should be eaten in smaller quantities.

So, why not to give yourself and your body a healthy break in the Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort. Take advantage of our fitness centre or let your soul rest in our SPA and enjoy a healthy, balanced and varied cuisine in our restaurant.
For this, we have a particularly attractive ” test ” package for you!

• 1 night in a double roomErholung pur im SPA San Marco
• Start the day with a balanced breakfast ” Buongiorno breakfast ”
• Welcome drink
• 4- course wellness dinner
• Free test Prefit Bodyscan
• Free access and pure relaxation in the
Spa San Marco

Test Price for two person € 198,00

Would you prefer to stay two nights as a night is too short ?
Then book an extra night at a special price of € 100.00 for two person, including ” Buongiorno” breakfast buffet and use of the spa area. Book now!