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Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate

September 22nd, 2017 | By Roberto Fornari in Activities, Parco San Marco, Surroundings, To know more about | No Comments »

Making me laugh, smile and rejoice

Certainly chocolate brings good humor. The same as staying in Parco San Marco.

So how does one talk about chocolate? Simple. At the chocolate event that being organised in Lugano.


CHOC is a fair organized by CHOC SAGL and sponsorsed by the City of Lugano, in collaboration with the Lugano Tourist Board and the Society of Mastri Panettieri – Pasticcieri – Confettieri of the Canton Ticino (SMPPC).

It is the only Swiss fair in Switzerland dedicated to the history, production and processing of chocolate. CHOC is for families and professionals with categories relating to confectionery, pastry and gastronomy in general, with particular attention to young people who are eager to undertake a profession in the industry.

It is a great opportunity to experience confectionary tasting, meet manufacturers and learn about the machines used for industrial scale production as well as hand-crafted chocolate making at the same time as taking advantage of first-class services.

The goal of the 1st edition of CHOC is to involve guest producing countries. With 50 exhibitors in an exhibition area of over 2,000 square meters, the event is expecting over 20,000 visitors from Ticino, near Italy, and especially from beyond the Gotthard, taking full advantage of the new Gotthard base tunnel.


At the CHOC fair, as well as cocoa bean growers, you will be able to meet fashion designers with their own dedicated shows, pastry masters with special “Show-CHOCking” restaurants and starred chefs who will present numerous chocolate techniques for the traditional kitchen. The event will feature books dedicated to the industry, public figures, artists with photographic exhibitions, and Swiss and European schools in the professional training sector.

In addition to exhibitors featuring products and services, CHOC will also offer chocolate workshops, workshops, conferences and debates. Let’s not forget the demonstrations and professional competitions that will be presented in the demo area where you can see live presentations of all the tricks and preparation techniques of pastry masters.

All demonstrations and presentations will be organized directly in collaboration with the exhibitors, partner companies and Swiss and foreign professional schools of the 1st edition of the CHOC trade fair.

CHOC will focus on various themes including: the Chocolate Museum, the conference area and “Workshop” open to the public and industry experts, the demonstration area and special “Show-CHOCking” shows with a photographic exhibition on the history of chocolate, the press corner with national and international magazines, bio-vegan and fair trade chocolate and many other surprises!

And for the little ones there will be lots of fun opportunities.



July 15th, 2017 | By Melanie Pohl in Activities, Parco San Marco, Surroundings | No Comments »

From June 28th to August 1st, the 7th edition of the Long Lake Festival – one of the biggest urban open-air events in Switzerland – will take place in Lugano! Every day there will be events and entertainment from the afternoon until late at night.

Longlake Lugano

Concerts, music for all tastes, literature, encounters, animations, theater and dance performances, cinemas, children’s activities, urban art installations will invade and move the streets, squares and public parks of the city, creating an intense encounter between Artists and the public.

The Festival, organized by the Events and Congresses of the City of Lugano, will host various events including:

BUSKER FESTIVAL: an apparent delusion of freaks, artists, musicians who in five days make-up and break into an artistic harmony of beauty and fullness. The Festival pays tribute to the artistic performance of the street, which in spite of the essentials of the media, gives life to quality performances.

SWISS HARLEY DAYS: the world’s most famous two-wheelers are back and the city becomes a motorcycle village. In the scheduled concerts, visit the stand with the industry news and see the traditional parade that brings together more than a thousand centaurs discovering the Luganese region.

ROAM ROAM: is the festival dedicated to live music. This year, the festival focuses on six consecutive evenings, from July 25th to July 31st, bringing to Lugano, in the splendid setting of Parco Ciani, the main stars of the current electro pop, alternative and world scenes.

ESTIVAL JAZZ LUGANO: The festival offers an exciting and particularly surprising program that, in addition to satisfying all Jazz enthusiasts, goes back to exploring the rich world of contemporary music with its rhythms, colours and melodies, oriented to the knowledge of different cultures, tolerance and coexistence.


FAMILY: The Festival offers different kinds of ideas for families and children: fairytale readings, children’s theaters, cinemas, clown show, exhibitions, and many workshops where children and teenagers can learn how to enjoy themselves.

CLASSIC: The twenty-four Capricci by Nicolò Paganini played on an evening, Der Heyser Bulgar under the fringes of the Boschetto del Parco Ciani, and Blagoslavlyayu vas, lesa (“I bless you, forests”) by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, the three Sonatas and the three By Johann Sebastian Bach for solo violin, Funiculi-Funicula arranged by Arnold Schönberg, XIV for solo cello by Luciano Berio, pages of the Drexel Manuscript by Karl Friedrich Abel, Fandango by Aldemaro Romero, the six Capricci by François Adrien Servais for two Cello … and much more at the LongLake Classic Festival 2017!

WORDS: With L. Cohen we whisper that light enters the cracks present in everything, with A. Camus exclaiming that culture is the cry of man in the face of his destiny. In Words, there is a desire for authenticity.

CITY BEAT FESTIVAL: City Beats Festival will return during summer 2018.

URBAN ART: Urban Art is a site of artistic initiatives that ofer a range of different experimental contexts and which link citizens with the urban context and with recall themes.

LONGLAKE PLUS: LongLake Plus collects other proposals organized during the LongLake Festival (June 28 – August 1), which enliven the Luganese summer. Although not a festival, LongLake Plus completes the festival offering by involving many other organisers and increasing the visibility of the various summer billboards.

In conclusion, the events on the agenda are varied and for all tastes! So do not miss this fantastic festival and its entertainment while staying at the Parco San Marco!


The Falconries around Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort

November 10th, 2015 | By Paola Mazzo in Activities, Parco San Marco, Surroundings, To know more about | No Comments »

Discover the ancient tradition of falconry and the fascinating world of birds of prey – guaranteed fun for visitors of all ages! There are two attractions of this type in the vicinity of Parco San Marco: the “Falconeria di Locarno” and the “Falconeria of the Castle of Vezio” in Varenna on Lago di Como.

Falconeria di Locarno

Rapace 1This is about an hour’s drive from Parco San Marco in the direction of Locarno. The story of how this ancient practice fulfilled an important role in history for many years will transport you back in time. In fact, the ancient art of falconry started life as hunting on the highlands of the Asian steppes about 4000 years ago. The falconers, who were known locally as “Berkuci”, rode horses and hunted foxes, rabbits and even wolves with their eagles. To hunt in the vast steppes without firearms was certainly not easy, and so the eagle became man’s best ally. During the winter months, the falconry show takes place at 2:00 pm every day except Monday and Tuesday. The show consists of an exciting demonstration of the flights of the different birds of prey that are housed at the Falconry; eagles, vultures, falcons, and owls will fly just a few feet from you. Between performances, you will discover many interesting facts about the world of these majestic birds. At the end of the show, children can take a free ride on Prinz the pony and also have their photograph taken with a bird of prey on their arm. During the winter months pillows and blankets are available so that visitors can experience the excitement of the shows even in bad weather. There is also a heated marquee available for parties and events. The Falconeria di Locarno is open all year round. For more information you can visit the website Have fun!

Falconeria of the Castle of VezioCastello di Vezio

The Castle of Vezio, a 5th century Roman fortress, can be found in a small village of the same name, above the town of Varenna overlooking the eastern coast of Lago di Como. The ruins of this military outpost were used as a watchtower during the days of Queen Teodolinda. A stone staircase will bring you, via a real drawbridge, to the top of the tower from where you will have a breath-taking view of Lake Como.

For some years the Castello di Vezio has hosted a welfare and training centre for birds of prey and it provides an opportunity for the public to understand, appreciate and support this ancient art. The magical atmosphere of the location, and of course the falconers and their birds, give visitors to the Castello di Vezio the feeling of travelling back in time. Training sessions are held in the garden of the castle to give visitors the chance to take photographs, to see the birds up close, and to be entertained by the falconer who provides information about the history of falconry and its modern use, and about the biology and the training of birds of prey. The “Castle Falconer”, dressed in period costume, introduces visitors to the birds of prey living in the castle: barn owls, owls, buzzards, hawks and others. At certain times visitors can also admire the spectacular flights of these birds. For more information:

rapace 2


Written by Silvia Crosta – Reservation