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Artists at Parco San Marco

March 21st, 2017 | By Elisa Novati in Parco San Marco, To know more about | No Comments »

In 2017, the Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort is hosting a joint exhibition of five famous masters of the Italian art scene under the guidance of famous art critic Giammarco Puntelli, curator of the exhibition which closed the Rome Jubilee.

Luigi Arico',  Il Volo, LARGHEZZA CM 100 ALTEZZA 45 cm, PROFONDITA` 28 cm, acciaio reciclato,2017

Five artists, five careers and five different styles are brought together in an eclectic collection based on heavy metals such as bronze and iron, amorphous materials such as glass and metamorphic rocks such as marble.GIULIANO OTTAVIANI, Scultura tecnica a mosaico con tasselli di marmo e vetro dorato cm 220- 1990


Giuliano Ottaviani, who has the Italian Order of Merit, is a painter, sculptor and goldsmith. His works have been acquired by museums around the world from Brazil to China.

In his sculptures, Amerigo Dorel brings to life a movement that uses spirals which transform into expressive knots with sensual and anatomic allusions.

Jucci Ugolotti favours bigger dimensions. She has undertaken restoration projects of monumental sculptural works in copper, bronze and marble.

Luigi Aricò loves physical contact with objects that “come apart and go back together again”. He creates his works, images and sculptures using recyclable materials; iron, tree trunks, old motor and machinery parts.

Italo Duranti, awarded Artist of the Year 2016 in Rome, is the world leader for sculpture of the Movimento del Nuovo Rinascimento (the new renaissance movement). Iron and wood are his great passions – transforming them into works of art.