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A perfect day on Lago di Lugano

February 22nd, 2016 | By Paola Mazzo in Activities, Parco San Marco, Surroundings | No Comments »

Yet is time to think about your next stay on Lago di Lugano. Your favourite suite has been booked, packing is done and the destination address is set on the Sat Nav. Now, all that´s left is plan your time at Parco San Marco in the best way possible!


Hang on, don´t panic! As some of you already know, at your favourite Resort on Lago di Lugano there´s a team of dedicated professionals ready to welcome you and to commit to make your holiday an unforgettable success. As we say: simply unique!

Here´s a typical day at the Parco.

You now arrived at the Hotel after a long and dreadful journey with the sooo-excited kids, Fido longing to go for a run in our subtropical park, your partner craving a well-deserved glass of wine from our premium cellar or your wife feeling anxious about being late for her anti-stress massage…finally, here´s the Resort with its palm trees looking like an oasis in the desert to you: you are on holiday!

_D4N1513Our team of dedicated receptionist is already smiling at you as you walk in, making you feel welcome. The stress of the journey will soon vanish, especially since we have everything you could possibly need! Have you forgotten your phone charger at home? Can´t find your swimsuit or your little swimmer´s water wings? No worries, we have that as well.

So here you are, ready to soak in the sun on our private beach or to plunge in the warm water of the indoor pool in the SPA San Marco.

Soon it will be time for supper, you are getting quite hungry after a day full of activities and relax, you even challenged your heights fear taking our Adventure Climbing track, while your kids have been making some pizzas on the beach or running up and down the Resort on a treasure hunt organised by our Club Bim Bam Bino. Then you would be glad that you can choose from four different á-la-carte restaurants: our Executive Chef and his team will delight your taste buds and our waiting staff will spoil you with care (we highly recommend the delicious 6-courses menu at the Ristorante & Bistro San Marco, treat yourself, you deserve it!).

Conclude the perfect day by sipping a fruity cocktail on the Bar San Marco´s brand new terrace in sweet company of your loved one while your kids have fun at the baby dance!

After a royal night´s sleep in our comfy beds, wake up to the stunningly beautiful lake scenery and our rich and healthy “Buongiorno” breakfast buffet. Any allergies we should be aware about? Let the staff know, we offer many alternatives to an equally tasty breakfast or meal!

What do you say, is it exactly how you have imagined your perfect day on Lago di Lugano to be? Then we look forward to welcoming you here as happy is who can make happy!

Panorama klein

Written by Paola Mazzo

Unmissable events when at PSM!

February 16th, 2016 | By Paola Mazzo in Activities, Parco San Marco, Surroundings, To know more about | No Comments »

Our re-opening for the new 2016 season is nearly due. How much left to your next stay  on Lago di Lugano? If you are also counting down the days to your upcoming holiday at Parco San Marco, as much as we are, maybe it´s time to start explore your many ways to loosen from every day-stress.

For a starter: whatever the purpose may be; a break from your job, a romantic escape by the lake shore or a wellness weekend, the activities within the Resort, in the nearby Lugano or Lago di Como are countless.

If during your holiday, with your family or your loved one, you feel like discovering the nearby area, surely you will not be disappointed. Our blog will help you planning your stay in the best way, through a brief but helpful overlook of what are the main events happening throughout the year in the vibrant city of Lugano.

easter-egg-huntWhat a better start than an Easter eggs hunt! From 25th to 28th March 2016 the so called event “Pasqua in Cittá” (Easter in the city) will take place: daily from 11am to 6pm the town centre will turn into a cheery stage to host the entertainment program scheduled for the event. Have you already assured yourself one of our suites to celebrate Easter with your family? Do not hesitate, our last suites available are running low!

In April from 14th to 17th, Lugano will host the prestigious “Auto Nassa” event, during which all the innovation of the automotive industry are presented directly in the city´s heart, in the famous Via Nassa, known in the whole of the Ticino region for its fancy high fashion boutiques.

In occasion of the “Workers Day”, celebrated on 1st May 2016, don´t miss the chance of joining the City Brunch, the longest brunch of the entire Switzerland: hurry, registration is mandatory!

rocknrollThe month of June begins dancing to Rock and roll with the biggest musical event in the Italian speaking region of Switzerland. From 9th to 12th June the town of Melide will be hosting a variety of events: live concerts, burlesque shows, barbeques and much more. Fun is guaranteed!

Meanwhile in Lugano (from 10th to12th June), there´s the “Federale delle Corali in Costume”(Federal Festival of Choir in costume): a chance to get to know and appreciate how diverse Switzerland is in its culture; both singing expressions and traditional costumes of all Swiss regions are presented in this colourful event.

From 7th to 9th July, the city of Lugano renews its appointment with Jazz music and stages the “Jazz Estival”, a festival with free concerts.

August is the most important month as Switzerland celebrates its National day! On 1st August the city schedule will be filled with events and shows, crowned by the spectacular fireworks display at about 10pm. Even at Parco San Marco the first of August is now a tradition with our wonderful beach party!

Lugano 1 agosto

As you could see, the upcoming events in the area nearby Parco San Marco are numerous. Check out our website´s “Tips & Event” section: here you can find the complete overview of the main events scheduled for the upcoming months.

Written by Paola Mazzo

Biodiversity on Lake Lugano

February 10th, 2016 | By Paola Mazzo in Parco San Marco, Surroundings, To know more about | No Comments »

Conservation, adaptation, ecosystem, habitat, species and evolution: these are just some keywords associated with biodiversity. Basic concepts to help us understand this complex issue. It is with this in mind that we “make tourism”, especially since we feel so blessed by the unique natural beauty that surrounds us, Lake Lugano with its flora and fauna delights us every day with spectacular landscapes.

We often hear about biodiversity, but what actually is biodiversity? It´s the outcome of many years of evolution and represents a network of elements, connections and functions in which life, including humankind´s, expresses in its variety. Biodiversity is everywhere: on land, in the water and in the air. Any kind, not least our own, has its special and unrepeatable evolutionary history. That is the real importance of biodiversity.


Every guest of Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort have the opportunity to spend their holidays in a natural haven where the most important species of mammals and birds of prey of the Pre-alpine chain live and grow. Many of you may have noticed that we introduced information boards around our Buddha Pavilion area, in which we briefly describe the species that live our forests such as deers, roe deers, foxes, buzzards and kites. Perhaps some of you already had the luck to experience  a close encounter with a squirrel or a chamois while walking along our panoramic “Amore Path”.

The importance of our beautiful area for biodiversity is confirmed by a WWF research, the Swiss-Italian section has implemented an action plan for conservation in the region “Sottoceneri- Alto Alto Lariano Varesotto” and in the area between Lake Como (also known as “Lario”), Ceresio (Lake Lugano) and Lake Maggiore.

fauna_lagodelpianoThis research identifies the areas of fundamental importance for the environment and for the conservation of the natural habitat, and shows that these are mostly located around Parco San Marco. The Regional Forest of Valsolda, the Piano Lake National Reserve and the Mount San Giorgio are all a stone´s throw from the Resort. Visiting these sites throughout the year can help develop a more sensitive approach to tourism, incrementing people´s awareness and sensibility as that the natural heritage surrounding them is precious and thereafter needs to be protected.

This areas are also involved in a wider project, which aims to preserve the whole of the Pre-Alps and Alps as it has been labeled as a priority region (we are situated in the eco-region “H”). The Alps conceal in their wide immensity a natural treasure of about 30 thousand animal and 13 thousand vegetal species, some of which can be seen within the Resort like the spotted salamander (some may not know that its presence is indeed symbol of a clean and healthy place).

At the Lugano Natural History Museum the “X-Nature. Earth´s time. Mankind´s time.” exhibition will be displayed until 25th June, it shows every different stage of the Ticino region´s evolution, from the very beginning to present days. This project aims to awaken awareness about nature and biodiversity by showing that it is actually “right on your doorstep”.


Written by Paola Mazzo

Sweet temptations at Parco San Marco…

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Chocolate, a food preparation of the cocoa seeds, is nowadays common in every household and comes in different variation sweet, dark, flavored or with added dry fruit.

The dark one is known as the finest kind of chocolate, loved for its distinct sweet and bitter taste that lingers in the mouth and tempts to another bite.

Have you ever dared to combine it with unusual ingredients like olive oil and fleur de sel? Our Executive Chef has and would like to share his delicious recipe with you all: a dark chocolate mousse with olive oil.

Mousse al cioccolato

Ingredients for 6 servings: 100g of 70% Modica´s finest dark chocolate, 30g of Lake Como olive oil, 60g of sugar, 3 yolks and 4 whites of organic free range eggs and lastly a pinch of fleur de sel.


Firstly, place the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water and allow to melt.

In the meanwhile, beat the egg whites to stiff peaks: start by medium speed, then turn it up until stiff and compact (the ultimate test: try to hold the bowl downwards over your head, if the content doesn´t drop to the floor it means it has been done properly!). Place the bowl in the fridge.

When the chocolate will be melted, add the olive oil and stir. Then whisk egg yolks, sugar and salt together and add it to the chocolate mixture, keep stirring until completely blended.

Add some of the egg whites (about one third) with a slow movement, stirring with circular motions from bottom to top, careful not to lessen the volume. Add then the remaining and mix together. Once done, pour the mousse in small dessert bowls and leave to rest in the fridge for at least 3 hours. Decorate with a dash of olive oil and a sprinkle of fleur de sel before serving.

azteccacaoBrief chocolate history:

The origins of chocolate are very ancient and frequently associated with the Mayan civilization, which was most likely the first one to grow cocoa trees. Few botanical research claim that the cocoa tree was already present by the Amazon and the Orinoco River, about 6000 years ago. Back in the days, chocolate was considered a luxury. In the Mayan society, only the high class could consume the precious chocolate: this means kings, lords and warriors. They were accustomed to have chocolate as a hot drink, mixed with water. After the Mayan came the Aztecs, who continued to grow cocoa and later produce chocolate.

In 1500 Christopher Columbus and later Cortes, discovered the American continent and the cocoa plant, which they took back to Europe. Only at the beginnings of 1519 thanks to Cortes, cocoa is widespread to the whole of Europe. Throughout 16th Century, chocolate remains a Spanish exclusive, which increases its cultivation. In 18th Century the chocolate is thought to have miraculous powers.

Nowadays chocolate is still considered a divine but nonetheless real product, appreciated and consumed at Parco San Marco and worldwide!

love chocolate

Written by Paola Mazzo