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Art at Parco San Marco: 2016 Exhibition

January 22nd, 2016 | By Paola Mazzo in Parco San Marco, To know more about | No Comments »

“The artist and the material are surrounded by silence. A silence that is all but broken by the blows of the mallet on the chisel. The sculptor is absorbed in his work and the raw material is falling into shape by subtraction. The strong and loud blows are now growing quiet. The work of art emerges slowly from the block.”

Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort is known for its ability to blend the beauty of nature with art. For the new season we decided to enrich our 30 thousand square meters subtropical garden with the artwork of the sculptor Giovanni Mason. We would like to briefly introduce him to you…

mason2Attracted and fascinated by the art of modeling matter from early age, Giovanni Mason started his artistic formation at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera a Milano. He has always been dedicated to sculpture since, focusing his production on the materials of the great tradition as wood, stone and bronze. The critics attention follow him since his first exhibitions: in 1974 the artist presents an artwork to the Circolo Culturale Petit Paris in Milan and achieves the Ambrogino d´Oro award for artistic achievements in the city of Milan. This will mark the beginning of a new and intense stage of Mason´s artistic career.

His research seeks to simplify forms and takes into consideration the internal relations between figures as well as their interaction with the surrounding space. His master pieces have the purpose to involve the public in his work and empathize with it, thanks to warm and embracing Il Percorso dell´amorecharacter. His works as “l´Abbraccio” and “Il Percorso dell´Amore” are the results of his view of reality, where positive values in relationships between people prevail on negative ones which are connected to the disintegration of our society, evolved through the extreme simplification of shapes which is expressed with the development of curved surfaces. In his art works Mason prefers a controlled tone, mostly following a harmonious growth of technique and contents. He believes in the importance of actual work, in the lessons of history, in the power that art has to translate the feelings and emotions into visible and touchable elements.

The main art exhibitions he took part in, nationwide and abroad are:

Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica Milano (1977), Villa Olmo Como (1978 e 1982), Broletto Como (1977 e 1983), Galleria Flaviana Locarno-CH (1979), Hotel de Paris-Monte Carlo (1984), Accademia Giorgione Castelfranco Veneto (1986), Villa Burba Rho (1987), Museo d’Arte Moderna Oldenburg-DE (1989), Galleria Righetti Berna-CH (1989), Kurhaus Merano (1991), Chiesa San Francesco Pordenone (1991), Galleria Civica di Campione d’Italia (1993), Palazzo Comunale e spazi della Città Zermatt-CH (1995), Villa Boselli Arma di Taggia (1997), Courmayeur Città (2000),  Sagrestia del Bramante della Chiesa di S. Maria delle Grazie Milano (2002), spazi Museali della Chiesa di San Lorenzo Aosta (2003), Palazzo Pisani Lonigo (2003), Museo di Abensberg-DE (2004), Villa Calvi Cantù (2010), Palazzo Moroni Padova (2012), Museo del Cavallo Giocattolo Grandate (2013) Piazza Città di Lombardia Milano – Regione Lombardia per EXPO (2015) e nel 2016 appunto al Parco San Marco sul Lago di Lugano.

CAVALLO marmo afyon

Written by Paola Mazzo

Travelling improves your life!

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The 2015 season of the Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort has just come to an end but we are nonetheless eager to dish out some tips for your next holidays, of course on Lake Lugano!

Relax PoolJoking asides, whichever your next destination will be, do bear in mind that travelling is, first of all, good for your health. Recent studies published on the TripBarometer show in fact that over 40 thousand Tripadvisor users worldwide feel the need to travel for its therapeutic powers. Just to mention a few: the excitement before departure, the thrill once arrived at the hotel and the absolute delight when entering the sparkling waters of Lake Lugano or the relaxing indoor pool at the SPA San Marco. Hands up who hasn´t felt this way not even once when staying at our Resort!

Also nowadays we tend to reward ourselves with travels more than in the past, even the staff of Parco San Marco sometimes does! May be for a special occasion like a wedding anniversary, a graduation gift or a well-deserved break when achieving a though goal within the workplace…travelling has become essential. An indulgence that pays us back the hard work we went through during the year. Consider that, 31% of people interviewed for this survey declared that travelling actually improves the health!

Relax amacaTourism is for many travelers a source of relaxation and rest, it is most of all an a way to gain experience, this means the holiday is not intended just as a break from everyday life, but also as a way to broaden the horizons, discover and get to know new places, cultures and their fascinating stories.

To Quote the TripBarometer survey again, many travelers feel that some services are fundamental when on holiday, such as breakfast included: have you ever tried our rich and healthy breakfast buffet? You didn´t?? What are you waiting for: all our suite rates include breakfast, which is served daily from 07:30 to 11:00 am. And since you like to pamper yourself, you´ll be happy to know that breakfast is served on Sundays until 11:30! Our wealthy buffet offers juices, cured meats, puddings, croissants, a fresh products corner, delicious freshly squeezed smoothies, berries, seeds, fresh fruit and so much more. For some who took this survey, a kettle with a tea and coffee selection in the room is much more important for an hotel than having a pool! Lucky for you, at Parco San Marco you wouldn´t have to choose as we have both. Actually, the pools are four! We are talking about the indoor pool at the SPA San Marco, the Relax Pool and the kids favorite Fun Pool water park, with its two pools and slides!

No matter if you belong to the “Millenial” category (travelers between 18 and 34 years old), or to the “X Generation” (35-64 years old) or if you are a “Baby Boomer” (over 65), at Parco San Marco you will find everything to fulfill your needs. You could be taking an active holiday and dare our Adventure Park, pampering yourself with a relaxing massage during a wellness break or indulging in a gourmet meal in our restaurant “La Terrazza”, the choice is yours!

If you´ve been reading up until this paragraph, than go ahead and visit our website. Book your next holiday on Lake Lugano right now and take advantage of our Early-Birds discount, you have time until 29th February 2016!

We are looking forward of welcoming you here!

Classic Terrace

Written by Paola Mazzo

Foot Reflexology

January 12th, 2016 | By Deborah Giorno in Parco San Marco, To know more about | No Comments »

Benefits and drawbacks

Foot reflexology is a technique through which the body´s harmony is re-balanced by massaging specific spots on the foot. It is beneficial for cases of congestion and tension, helps prevent back ache, cystitis, anxiety and stress. Let´s find out more.

What is foot reflexology?

Foot reflexology is a technique through which the body´s balance is restored, using a particular massage that presses and stimulates specific reflex spots located on the foot and linked to specific organs. By doing this many body´s dysfunctions are prevented and cured . The discovery of foot reflexology goes back to ancient history, in particular to the oriental tradition. Also various documentation proves that this technique was already being used by the Native Americans.riflessologia plantare The representation of a fetus in a foot was found in a 6000 years old graffiti, discovered in Valcamonica. Nowadays, foot reflexology survives and improves thanks to Ivan P. Pavlov, a Russian physiologist who lived in the late 1800. At the beginning of the 20th Century, an American otolaryngologist named William Fitzgerald begins to code some important concepts about foot reflexology. Later the physiotherapist Eunice Ingham will develop this concepts, and that is why she is considered the founder of modern foot reflexology.

Benefits and drawbacks of foot reflexology

Feet have a delicate and precious structure which inevitably becomes increasingly overloaded by everyday life. But as its health plays such an important role, they do deserve constant attention and care. A long warm bath or a good massage are always followed by a pleasant and relaxing feeling. Foot reflexology benefits in particular three common conditions: congestion, inflammation and tension. The aim of this massage is to gradually get rid of this conditions (usually linked together) by reset body balance. There are although some drawbacks. Foot reflexology is to be avoided during pregnancy and during the monthly period. Is also suggested to take the massage away from meal and to avoid it if you are particularly upset or nervous.

When foot reflexology is recommended

Foot reflexology is favored for the most common pain: back ache, head ache, cheekbone itches and knees issues. The foot reflex massage is also a good way to help quit smoking or to recover when suffering insomnia. riflessologia plantareIt successfully cures cystitis, indigestion, stress, cramps, arthritis and anxiety. Foot reflexology  believes that every single vital function is directly linked to a specific spot on the foot; massaging this spots will allow energy to start back flowing and stimulate the self-healing properties of the human body.

At the SPA San Marco, reflexology treatments are combined with back, shoulders, neck and head massages: our team of professional masseurs will be glad to assist you finding the best massage suitable to your needs!

Written by Deborah Giorno

The “Lucia”

January 4th, 2016 | By Wendy Koppen in Parco San Marco, Surroundings, To know more about | No Comments »

lucia1To a stranger eye, the “LUCIA” is surely one of the most curios boats on Lake Como and it is nonetheless known as its symbol worldwide. Its notoriety is linked to Lucia´s story, which is told in the famous historic novel “I Promessi Sposi” (in english “The Bethroted), written by Alessandro Manzoni between 1840 and 1842. The novel is set between 1628 and 1630 in the Italian region of Lombardy during the Spanish domain and tells about the ongoing of two lovers, Renzo and Lucia who could not get married as they were baffled by the powerful Don Rodrigo and the plague. The story mostly takes place in the Brianza area, Milan and Lecco as unveiled at the very beginning of the novel: “That branch of Lake of Como, which extends towards the south, is enclosed by two unbroken chains of mountains, which, as they advance and recede, diversify its shores with numerous bays and inlets. Suddenly the lake contracts itself, and takes the course and form of a river, between a promontory on the right, and a wide open shore on the opposite side. The bridge which there joins the two banks seems to render this transformation more sensible to the eye, and marks the point where the lake ends, and the Adda again begins—soon to resume the name of the lake, where the banks receding afresh, allow the water to extend and spread itself in new gulfs and bays”.

The romantic name “Lucia” is in fact inspired by this novel but the boat´s true name is “batéll”. The origins of the “batéll” go back to a period between 1500 and 1600. This is a flat-bottomed boat, sturdy and manageable, initially thought for fishing but also as a mean of transport for people and small goods. To build a “batéll” the craftsmen traditionally used chestnut wood but in the last century were applied luxurious woods as mahogany and larch, which were more up to the rich families likings.

A group of local enthusiast has found the “Amici della Lucia” association with the intent of preserve the original look of this boat , that is now the symbol of Lake Como in the world. The “Amici della Lucia” members actively promote resources so tourists and new generations can admire the “Lucia”. An example of their work is the “Palio remiero del Lario” which is not just a competition but also a traditional appointment of cultural history that since 1947 hosts all the existing  “Lucia” on Lake Como. When Enrico Luigi Ferrario, also known as “Fel”, editor of the weekly magazine “Ul Tivan”, thought about a way to cheer people up right after the war, no one believed that this competition would have lived this long as the boat was still only used as a fisher boat. Here are as follows the winning teams on the golden boards of the “Palio remiero del Lario” (from 1947 to 2015): Lezzeno (16 victories), Bellagio (12 victories), Domaso (10 victories), Ossuccio (6 victories), Lenno (4 victories), Menaggio (3 victories), Tremezzo (1 victory).


Written by  Sara Biacchi & Silvia Crosta