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The 13th September 1515, the day of the Battle of Marignano, is one of the most famous and important in Swiss history. 2015 marks the 500th anniversary of the occasion.cartolina3

The battle at Marignano (known today as Melegnano) in the Italian region of Lombardy was the largest military confrontation of the 16 th century. On the 13 th and 14 th of September 1515, troops faithful to the French king Francis 1 st comprising over 50,000 men and some 300 canons lined up against 20,000 Swiss confederates protecting the Duchy of Milan. The confederates prided themselves on being the strongest infantry of the time and were under the command of the then Duke of Milan, Massimiliano Sforza.

Swissinfo-image-41151334King Francis 1 st of France aimed to use the Battle of Marignano to finally conquer the duchy of Milan (which was at the time the wealthiest of the Italian regions) for the French.   Gian Giacomo Trivulzio, a veteran Marshal who took part in the battle, described it as “a battle of giants, not of men”.  The defeat at Marignano gave the council of Swiss confederates a significant motivation to change their foreign policy to one of an ultimately more beneficial and long-lasting neutralitv.