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What word is the solution for the treasure map 2015?

February 23rd, 2015 | By Paola Mazzo in Parco San Marco | No Comments »

Hi Folks!

My name is ‚Bissa’ and I am one of Milan’s most prominent emblems. I’m sure you already know my beautiful city. The year 2015 is particularly important for us, you know, because Milan hosts the 2015 Expo! I really recommend you come here one day during your holidays to the Parco San Marco and visit the exhibition pavilions. I assure you it’ll be a truly intercultural experience not to be missed! People from all over the world will meet up in Milan to present their products, to shop and to sell.


As you can imagine, Milan has always been an influential centre of trade thanks to its strategic position in the Po Basin. It was one of the major cities in the Roman Empire, under the reign of the Langobards (do you know where their name comes from? From their long beards!) and as the capital of the Visconti dynasty.


The House of Visconti governed Milan throughout the Middle Ages until the beginning of the Renaissance and it was in that period that I became the emblem of Milan.

My favourite colours are blue – like my serpentine body – and gold, like the crown on my head. There are many legends about my origins and also on my actual identity. Probably I was born as a dragon in a desert in a country far away from here and only later I turned into a snake, the Snake of Milan, „la Bissa di Milano“!


Many businessmen from my city decided to integrate my powerful and glorious image into the logos of their companies, such as Alfa Romeo, Milan’s famous carmaker.

The legend goes that a giant dragon invaded the town after the death of Saint Ambrose, Milan’s venerated patron saint, in 397, and destroyed it with its flames. Only brave Uberto Visconti fought the dreadful monster fearlessly and killed it with his knife after a terrible fight. In order to celebrate the liberation of Milan the Visconti family then decided to depict me in their coat of arms.