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Doctor Edward Bach & Bach Flower remedies

August 21st, 2014 | By Deborah Giorno in Parco San Marco | No Comments » Edward Bach, was the creator of the Bach Flower Remedies, he was a well known doctor and had a successful practice in London, but he was not satisfied with his job because he was neither convinced nor satisfied with the way illnesses in general were taken care of.

He believed that any illness was a manifestation of an  emotional unbalance, a lack of connection between body and soul, a tool that our soul uses to show us our mistakes, to stop us making bigger ones and help us to lead us on the right path.

He believed that emotions such as fear, impatience, sadness, anger etc. caused illnesses, so he created 38 flower remedies that could be used by anybody without the need of a professional to prescribe them because totally harmless. Edward Bach divided these 38 remedies in 7 groups as follows: the group of remedies “for those who have fear”, the one  for those who have “Insufficient interest in present circumstances”, for those who suffer from “loneliness”, for those that are “over-sensitive to influences and ideas”, for those who suffer from “despondency or despair” and another group for those people that “over-care for the welfare of others”.

To understand how these remedies work it is necessary to understand the fact that any living thing is infused of vital energy, so the structure of each flower  remedy has its own unique energy and characteristics.

The way these remedies are made is very simple and can make us understand why they are considered natural and harmless remedies. Here is an example of how most of the flower remedies are made, a glass bowl  of approximately 300 ml. is filled with spring water and put close to the plant of the desired remedy under direct sun light, the flowers of the plant are cut with scissors without being touched with the hands and put in the bowl so that the whole surface of it is covered with flower, just the surface, at this stage the bowl is left under the sun for approximately 4 hours. After this the bowl with the spring water is drained into a brown bottle, this is the essence of the plant, to be able to preserve it as much brandy as the quantity of water is put into the brown bottle.

When one needs the remedy, can put 2 drops of this “essence”  into a 30 ml. brown bottle with pipette and filled with 2/3 of spring water and 1/3 of brandy, from this bottle  2-4 drops can be put under the tongue, it is advisable to take the remedy at least 4 times a day, possibly first thing in the morning and last thing before going to bed, but being harmless  it can be taken as many times as one wants or needs.

These flower remedies can be prescribed either by a therapist who works with the Bach flower remedies or simply by buying a book about these remedies, like the book written by Doctor Edward Bach titled “The twelve healers” (at the time he wrote the book he had just created 12 remedies), that is very simple and practical.