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When traveling, we are like a movie….

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When traveling, we are like a movie, which exposes.
But it is being developed by the memory.
Max Frisch (1911 – 1991)

We proudly present a few pictures in a short “traveling video”


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Reflexology is a very ancient technique, it seems that the first therapeutic treatments based on foot massage were already used in 5.000 a.c. both in India and China.

Reflexology was rediscoverded at the beginning of the 19th century, and since then is getting more and more known because of its great effectivness.
How does it work?

In the feet there are reflexes that corrispond to the whole body, so by stimulating these reflexes, by pressing or massaging them, a flow of energy is stimulated in the whole body that helps unblock stuck energy .

Some says that it works because the nervous system connects the whole body, others talk about meridians or energy lines that run from the feet through the body and viceversa. Nothing of this is actually proved, but the truth is that Reflexology works incredibily well.

If you look at the profile of one of your feet, on the side of the big toe, you will notice that it looks like the profile of a body: the heal is the bum, then the curve that goes from the end of the heal until the base of the big toe is shaped like the spinal colomn, and it is in fact its reflex, while the base of the big toe is the reflex of the neck, and the toe itself looks like a head, and it is its reflex. Ruecken & Fuss

The right foot corrispond to the right side of the body and the left one to the left side of the body. You can also see the shape of the body in the feet by keeping the 2 feet close to together with the big toes touching each other, imagine there are only the 2 big toes, without the other toes, don’t they look like a head with the neck and the shoulders? The picture in this blog will help you to notice this easily.



Normally people go to reflexologist to solve different problems, for instance because of back pain, because of insomnia, because of digestive problems, because of stress etc. Already after ther first session a person can feel the difference, each person in its own way, but a general sense of relaxation and of improved energy is immediately felt.

To really feel a difference in your symptoms in your body it is always advisable to do at least 10 sessions, possibly, 3 times during the first week, then 2 times the second week, therefore once a week for 5 weeks. Here  at Parco San Marco we offer reflexology either  as a single session or combined with back shoulder and neck massage, our clients love it and it is one of the treatments that sells more.

Besides these reflexology treatments, we also offer reflexology lesson for couples, during this lesson that lasts 1 hour, clients learn the basic tools of reflexology, by massaging the reflexes of each other weak points so that once they go back home  they can help each other to release some tension. Why don’t you try it out yourself? Enjoy a reflexology treatment or a lesson with us.